The Air He Breathes By Brittainy C. Cherry

The Air He Breathes - Brittainy C. Cherry

Where should I start?


Elizabeth and Tristan. Tristan and Elizabeth.


Two tragic stories that somehow intertwine more than meets the eye. Well, more than you realize, as soon as you start reading. Beautiful, heartbreaking and most of all, unpredictable. Two broken souls, falling in love with each other and trying to fins themselves. Don't think, even for a second that, there weren't any complications. 


The writing was beautiful and you could see the characters' development throughout the book. Tristan and Elizabeth were two of the most likable characters I've ever read about and they were just perfect for each other. They balanced each other out perfectly and managed to heal themselves with this unique bond they formed without even realizing it. And let's just talk about how little Emma stole my heart! I also immensely enjoyed the flashbacks. They were a perfect addition to the story and the backgrounds of the characters. 


I finished The Air He Breathes in a day! Which is definitely saying something. I could not put this baby down. It sucked me in since the minute I started and the twists and turns left me completely speechless. I was able to predict the smallest of the twists - not saying which one because that would obviously be a spoiler - but the rest were just...WOW! They didn't even cross my mind. Can't wait to check out more of the author's works.


Definitely recommend this if you're a fan of NA!!! And if you're looking for an amazing book to read in general!